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Parties & Celebrations

Making memories, showering loved ones and having a jolly good time, are the reasons we're a nation of party people. Good company, great music and fabulous food, all make for the perfect event. If you get the first two right, 'BIG Melt' will be sure to deliver on the third!



Our authentic grilled cheese toasties have a  wide appeal, from those hard to please teens, the young and young at heart. We're always happy to look at creating more personalised options too. Perhaps there's a particular favourite that the family love or special ingredient for the birthday 'star'.

Your choices are limited only by your imagination!

Have you ever tried toasties as horderves? Well, we have and they make a great party icebreaker and talking point.  However we do have to say, nothing seems to beat a full BIG Melt sandwich! Comfortably filling,  they still leave room for cake and enable guests, to still enjoy a good dance after!


At BIG Melt we love a party and have even been known to 'throw a few cheesy shapes' ourselves!


Next time you have the challenge of organising 'the party', let us take care of the catering. We'll pop up in no time and get on with feeding those hungry guests, leaving you to 'party on' too!

Looking for something simple yet delicious that almost everyone will love? Then look no further for you have found your food! Our yummy toasties appeal to the many, including the young and not so young. Our fabulous fillings and tasty twists bring this classic food, bang up to date. Making for a memorable meal and that all important 'talking' (or should we say sharing) point!  For those with simpler tastes, our classic grilled sandwiches are sure to appeal, made with great bread and mouth-watering cheese! 

Feeling creative?

Let us work with you to create your own unique and personalised menu choices, even naming and dedicating our 'toasties' in honour to your more 'distinguished' guests . These can be as tame or wild as you dare (just don't upset any in-laws at this stage!). 


What happens on 'toast' stays on 'toast'!


For the fashionistas, you can even co-ordinate some of our decorations to your chosen colour scheme. Just get in touch and let's go from there! We'll be as excited about your wedding ( well almost) as you are!

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