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Our Cheesy Tale

Don't panic, our tale's not too cheesy! We won't be telling you about how we have loved cheese from birth, or that our greatest granny, bequeathed us her secret recipes...

What we will tell you is...We're a fresh new street food crew, who wanted to make and sell something that was tasty, filling and loved! After mulling over and tasting many different foods, ''life's tough'', we came across the much loved but sometimes overlooked, cheese on toast. Even before we tasted our first bite, watching the bubbling cheese toasting away, was irresistible! Our hearts and tummies melted and our smiles grew wide, at last, we had found our food! Tasting the crisp crunch of the bread and gooey melted cheese made our taste buds tingle, but there was just 'one' problem, 'one' slice was not enough... Problem solved, make it into a toastie, take two slices of bread and a lot more cheese!

All tummies happy and full!


Our BIG Melt mission is to keep creating and innovating this simplest of foods. The starting point is our freshly baked Sourdough bread, which is then filled with our three 'delicious' cheese blend (authentic Raclette, Red Leicester and Vintage Mature Cheddar). After much experimentation with many types of cheese (we ate our weight in cheese... almost!) this combination, in our humble opinion, gave the best mix of taste and that all important  'BIG' Melt.


Our  'signature' cheese blend can be savoured in every single bite of our sandwiches. To keep things tantalising, on top of this (literally) there's a never-ending choice of fillings, that we 'muddle' amongst our toasties. To find out what these are, you'll have to check us out at an event, or you can ask us here. Where possible our great ingredients are sourced locally, as we always try to support UK suppliers & businesses on our journey. People often ask ''don't you get tired of cheese toasties''... Our honest answer is, we don't believe you can... even after eating and selling 1000s, we still love them. Hopefully, you will too!

Bread and cheese, to us, it's the 'slice' of life!

-The Cheese Stops Here-

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